Best answer: Where can I stay without a credit card?

How can I check into a hotel without a credit card?

Ask for a Courtesy Hold: Some hotels will allow you to book a room without any type of payment card. You would instead request a “courtesy hold,” which waives the requirement to pay a deposit at the time of booking despite the hotel keeping the room available for you until the day of your arrival.

Do all motels require a credit card?

1 Nowadays, nearly all hotels require a credit card when booking—and if not, they’ll need one when you’re checking in. A hotel takes a security deposit at check-in to cover any damage that may occur while you’re staying in the room.

How do I get around without a credit card?

Here are 7 tips for those who want to live without a credit card.

  1. Use a debit card. The starting point is to use a debit card linked to your checking account. …
  2. Consider a prepaid card. …
  3. Use a PayPal Account. …
  4. Track your spending. …
  5. Save an emergency fund. …
  6. Ignore the myths about hotels and car rentals. …
  7. Ignore the myths about credit.
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Can u pay hotel with debit?

It’s usually perfectly acceptable to use a debit card for an incidentals deposit. Call your hotel to confirm. Be aware that unlike a credit card where an amount is “on hold”, the actual nightly deposit account will be taken from a debit card and refunded after you check out.

Does Hilton put a hold on debit cards?

A: Yes, a valid debit card can be used at check-in. Please note a hold will be placed on the card for the full amount of the stay, plus $50 a day for incidentals. … If you present a debit card, please plan accordingly.

Does Holiday Inn accept debit cards?

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites is not responsible for the loss of use of these funds or any possible overdraft charges. Debit cards can only be accepted as debit cards, not as a credit card.

Can I rent a hotel room without a credit card?

For the definitive answer, you will need to speak with the hotel. I would suggest asking your agent to call the hotel and to speak with the manager. If the manager agrees, ask for a fax from the Hilton confirming the arrangements. Alternately, the hotel may ask for a substantial cash deposit upon check-in.

Can I use a prepaid card for a hotel room?

A prepaid credit card will be accepted for final payment at most hotels, motels and car rental companies. That being said, some motels may have a policy that requires a credit card at the time of reservation.

Do you need a credit card to stay at Motel 6?

At the time of check-in, all guests (whether individual or group reservations) must present valid, government-issued identification and may be required to present a valid credit, debit, or bank card or debit card that matches the name on the confirmed reservation and the ID provided.

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Can you live without credit card in USA?

You can swear off credit cards and survive. The ubiquitousness of credit cards makes it difficult to fathom a life without one, but it is possible. The Boston Federal Reserve reports nearly 80% of adult Americans have at least one credit card—meaning one in five of us live a credit card-less life.

Is it possible to live without a debit card?

It is possible though to live without a debit card, crumb we did it for years before they were ever in exsistence. One thing I find is when I pay by cash, once the cash is gone I know there is no more to spend. When I take my debit card, I always know there is something in the bank if I want to purchase something.