Can I get an apartment with no FICO score?

Do you need a FICO score to rent an apartment?

Usually, the minimum FICO credit score to rent an apartment falls somewhere between 620 and 650. However, some landlords may be open to scores of 600 or lower, while others may consider 700 to be the lowest qualifying score. Most landlords use FICO credit scores to determine if an applicant qualifies for an apartment.

Do apartments look at credit score or FICO score?

“Each landlord is different, but most landlords and property managers look for a credit score above 600,” Fluegge says. FICO® and VantageScore® credit scores typically range from 300 to 850. An applicant with a higher credit score might be considered to have shown a pattern of managing their finances responsibly.

How can I rent an apt with bad credit?

How to Get an Apartment with Bad Credit

  1. Submit Your Application with References. …
  2. Show Your Cell Phone and Utilities Payment History. …
  3. Provide a Recent Bank Statement. …
  4. Offer to Pay More Upfront. …
  5. Submit a Solid Letter of Employment. …
  6. Get a Co-Signer or Roommate with Better Credit.

Does renting an apartment build credit?

Renting a home, apartment or town house can affect your credit in a number of ways. It’s increasingly common for credit reporting agencies to include positive rental history in consumer credit reports. … Having good credit can help you rent an apartment, and paying rent on time can help you build good credit.

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What apartments look for on credit?

So what do apartment credit checks look for?

  • Your payment habits.
  • You have any bankruptcies.
  • Your current debt load (which is a reflection on your ability to pay rent)
  • You pay debt accounts on time.

How can I get approved for an apartment?

Here are some potential workarounds that could help your application along, even if you have bad credit.

  1. Consider a cosigner. …
  2. Offer to pay more upfront. …
  3. Narrow your search to landlords who won’t pull your credit. …
  4. Lower your expectations. …
  5. Consider moving into an apartment with an established lease.

What do landlords look for in a tenant?

Landlords want tenants who pay rent on time, respect property and don’t cause trouble. … Routine tenant screening may include credit checks, rental history assessment, employment or income verification or criminal background checks.

Can I get an apartment with a 500 credit score?

A credit score of 500 is low, but it’s not insurmountable. It would be best if you planned some extra time for your apartment hunt with scores this low, but you can still rent an apartment. … With a low credit score in the 500 range, you should expect to pay slightly more for an apartment.