Can I pay my Zales credit card online?

Does Zales credit card have an app?

What are the options to view and pay my Zales Credit Card bill? … You can either pay online at Zales Credit Card’s website, or you can use Prism’s mobile app to pay all your bills.

Does Comenity credit card have an app?

Does Comenity Bank have an app? Yes. Comenity Bank offers a money-management app called Comenity Direct. There are also mobile apps available for individual Comenity credit cards.

How do I make a payment to Zales?

Visit and click on “Payments”. Accept terms and conditions and then navigate to the top banner for more details on how to pay your bill with your debit card. For any questions, please call Comenity Capital Bank at 1-844-271-2708 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918) or visit the nearest Zales store.

What company owns Zales?

What is the difference between Zales and Zales Outlet?

Zales Outlet honors the same exceptional Guest Return and Exchange Policy as Zales. … When you purchase in-store, Zales Outlet offers 90-days same as cash. In stores and online, we offer various extended payment plans when you use your Zales Credit Card®. Zales Outlet also accepts PayPal for online purchases.

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How do I make a payment through Comenity Bank?

You can use Account Center to make payments and view your balance, transactions and statements. Find your account on Account Center here. For Comenity Direct customers with deposit accounts: Please visit or call 1-833-755-4354.

What is a Comenity payment?

Comenity Bank is a financial services company that offers credit cards through national retail chains to consumers around the country. In fact, the 30-year old credit card issuer has more than 50 million card members through its various credit card programs.

Is Comenity Bank a real bank?

Comenity Direct, a brand of Comenity Capital Bank, is a digital bank that offers banking products, including savings accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs). … Now, more than 50 million people carry its private label, branded and business credit cards.

Can you make payments on jewelry?

Thankfully, even if you don’t have much credit history, or are in the process of rebuilding your credit, you may be approved for affordable monthly payments with a credit jeweler. … Once you’re qualified, you can start making monthly payments and get the ring or other jewelry you want right away.

Can I use my Kay credit card at Zales?

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to use your Kay Jewelers credit card at other stores. It is a store credit card that is not affiliated with any major payment network. So it can only be used at Kay Jewelers stores.

Can you use your Zales credit card anywhere?

Can I use my Zales Credit Card anywhere? … No, you can only use your Zales Credit Card in Zales stores or online, at The only store cards that can be used anywhere. Zales Credit Card is designed as a financing option for Zales purchases.

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