Can someone co sign on a VA loan?

Are co signers allowed on VA loans?

Can you get a VA loan with a co-signer? Yes. You are allowed to have a co–signer on a VA home loan. But this person must occupy the home with you and either be: (a) your spouse; or (b) a former or current member of the military.

Can two people sign a VA loan?

It’s considered a joint loan if both the military borrower and the other borrower are responsible for the mortgage and own the home together. Active-duty military servicemembers, veterans and eligible spouses can use the VA loan benefit.

Can VA have a cosigner?

Yes, you can have a co-signer on a VA loan. However, the co-signer must be a spouse or eligible Veteran that also occupies the home.

Can you add a co-borrower to a VA loan?

The VA does allow for co-borrowers, including ones who don’t meet the VA loan program’s military service requirements. Adding a co-borrower can help both during the mortgage process, making it easier to qualify and get a good rate.

Can I put my girlfriend on my VA loan?

When couples look for a home together, they often put both their names on the loan. Applying for a VA loan with your spouse as a co-borrower, regardless of their veteran status, is no different than with other loans. Veterans. Except for a spouse, no civilians may co-borrow for a VA loan.

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Can my spouse use my VA loan without me?

YES YOU CAN! Even if the spouse is not VA Loan eligible, you can use their income to qualify for a higher loan amount. … Unlike FHA loans, the VA Loan does not allow a non-spouse as a co-borrower.

Can a family member use my VA loan?

We get many questions along these lines–can a family member use the veteran’s VA home loan benefit? The short answer is no–siblings and dependent children cannot use the VA loan benefit. … Essentially, the VA loan benefit is intended for the veteran and a spouse, where applicable, who want to purchase a home.

Can I use my dad’s VA loan?

Can a child use a parent’s VA loan? “Can I use my father’s VA benefits?” No. You need to be a veteran, current service member, or a surviving spouse of a veteran if you wish to qualify for a VA loan.

What is the minimum credit score for a VA loan?

While the VA itself doesn’t set a required minimum credit score for a VA loan, most mortgage lenders will want to see a credit score above 620 FICO.