Does Indigo have a credit card?

Is there an Indigo credit card?

The Indigo Credit Card is a pretty good unsecured credit card for people with bad credit, offering a $300+ credit limit with no security deposit needed. The Indigo Card has an annual fee of $0 – $99, which is worth paying if you have damaged credit and need a credit card for emergency borrowing.

Is Indigo a safe credit card?

Is the Indigo Platinum Mastercard a secured card? No, this is an unsecured credit card, so it doesn’t require an upfront deposit, though it’s still designed to help build positive credit.

What is the highest credit limit for Indigo credit card?

You’ll get at least a $5,000 credit limit with this card, and some people report a high limit of $100,000. This card requires good credit and the annual fee is $95. This card’s minimum credit line is $1,000. It requires good credit and comes with a $0 annual fee.

How long does it take to get my Indigo credit card?

If you’re approved, your card will arrive within 14 business days. If you’re denied, you’ll get a letter in the mail outlining why. You can reach Indigo Credit Card customer service at (866) 946-9545 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time, Monday to Friday.

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Does Indigo give credit increases?

You cannot get an Indigo Credit Card credit limit increase, unfortunately. The credit limit that you are assigned upon approval cannot be increased. Many credit cards do provide the option to request credit limit increases or offer them automatically to select cardholders who meet certain eligibility criteria.

How do I pay my Indigo credit card?

Here’s how you can make an Indigo Credit Card payment:

  1. Online: Sign into your Indigo online account and navigate to the “Bill Pay” tab. …
  2. By phone: You can also make a payment over the phone, by calling Indigo Credit Card customer service at (866) 946-9545.

Is there an annual fee for Indigo credit card?

Depending on your creditworthiness, you might not be charged an annual fee. But if you have poor credit, you will likely owe an ongoing annual fee of either $59 or $99. For new cardholders, the $99 annual fee drops to $75 for the first year. The higher the annual fee, the less appealing this card becomes.

What credit score is needed for an unsecured credit card?

Most unsecured credit cards require credit in the good to excellent range (670 – 850). This range is where you’ll become eligible for many different kinds of rewards cards. You can also find some cards that will accept a score in the fair to good range (580 – 669).

How do I activate my Indigo card?

You can activate your Indigo Mastercard by calling customer service at 1-866-946-9545. When the automated system asks for your account number, keep hitting the pound key until it transfers you to a customer service representative. It’s quicker that way.

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