Frequent question: Can I use someone elses VA loan?

Can my dad use his VA loan to buy me a house?

The joint VA loan program allows Veterans and/or active-duty military members to use a joint borrower who is not a spouse or other Veteran. Most lenders won‘t allow these kinds of loans and will block Veterans from buying a home with a sister, brother, mother, father, son, daughter, or someone who is unrelated.

Can my daughter use my VA home loan?

VA loan benefits don’t extend to the children of veterans or service members. The coverage only applies to the veteran or service member, and the spouse. If eligible and approved, the spouse may be able to use the VA loan benefit after the death of the veteran or service member.

Can a non VA person assume a VA loan?

Can non-veterans assume a VA home loan? Yes, in some cases, the VA loan can be assumed regardless of whether the new buyer is a veteran or not.

Can I put my girlfriend on my VA loan?

When couples look for a home together, they often put both their names on the loan. Applying for a VA loan with your spouse as a co-borrower, regardless of their veteran status, is no different than with other loans. Veterans. Except for a spouse, no civilians may co-borrow for a VA loan.

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Does the VA check occupancy?

Veterans and active duty personnel who secure a VA loan have to certify that they intend to personally occupy the property as a primary residence. Essentially, homebuyers have 60 days, which the VA considers a “reasonable time,” to occupy the home after the loan closes.

Can my parents use my VA loan?

Siblings, parents, dependent children and other relatives are not permitted to use the VA loan benefit. … Borrowers are permitted under VA loan rules of the program to apply for a “joint loan” with a non-veteran borrower.

Can my wife use my VA home loan without me?

YES YOU CAN! Even if the spouse is not VA Loan eligible, you can use their income to qualify for a higher loan amount. However, if a couple is not married, they may not be able to include this income for a VA Loan. Unlike FHA loans, the VA Loan does not allow a non-spouse as a co-borrower.

Can I use my father’s VA benefits?

Post 9/11 GI Benefits for Children of Veterans

Your Veteran parent can also transfer their unused 9/11 GI benefits over to you. If the DoD approves, you may be able to get up to 36 months of benefits. You can then use the granted money to pay for your tuition fees, school books, supplies, as well as housing.

Is a VA loan transferable?

VA Loans Are Transferable

If approved, the other person assumes financial responsibility for the mortgage. … As long as the person assuming the loan meets the lender’s financial VA loan requirements, they’ll be approved and able to take over the loan.

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What are the negatives of a VA loan?

5 Potential Disadvantages of a VA Loan

  • You May Have Less Equity in Your Home. …
  • VA Loans Cannot be Used to Purchase Vacation Homes or Investment Property. …
  • Seller Resistance to VA Financing. …
  • The Funding Fee is Higher for Subsequent Use. …
  • Not All Lenders Offer – or Understand – VA Loans.

What happens to a VA loan when the veteran dies?

The veteran’s surviving family members or other beneficiaries must repay the VA loan one way or another. Otherwise, the VA will foreclose on the property. This means the lender will repossess the house, and the family will no longer have access to it, even if they inherited the property when the veteran passed away.