How can I withdraw money from Dhani credit line?

How long does it take to transfer money from Dhani wallet to bank?

Within 24 hours, you will receive the final approval and the loan amount will be credited directly to your Bank Account.

How can I use Dhani cash?

How to use my dhani Cash? The dhani Cash you have earned or won can be used to pay your dhani Loan or Credit Line EMIs, or for paying the subscription amount of dhani doctor, dhani super saver & dhani stocks, dhani cash can also be used to pay the insurance premium through dhani app.

How can I change my bank account in Dhani app?

Visit the Dhani Stocks official website. Get the Bank Details Updation Form and download it. Fill out the form and must be signed by the trading account holder. Attach any of the valid bank proof to add or link a new bank account i.e. latest bank statement, canceled cheque leaf, etc.

Where can I use Dhani pay credit line?

Dhani credit line also offers a physical card, which can be ordered also using the Dhani App and can be used across physical stores anywhere. So Now, you can pay for your coffee bills, shop online or even purchase a saree from a store through the Dhani Credit Line offering .

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How can I delete my Dhani account permanently?

Dhani Customer Care Number

You can reach out to them on 0124 6165 722 or email them at So this was all that you had to do in order to delete your account.

Is Dhani app giving loan?

The Dhani app not only allows you to get an instant personal loan at the time of need, but it also enables you to manage and track the loan account, pay your outstanding dues, and several other things through your smartphone.

What is Dhani Freedom Card?

Dhani One Freedom gives you the Freedom from interest & Freedom from health worries. A single product with a unique offering of 0% interest Credit Line and unlimited & instant access to doctors: Benefits include: – 0% interest Credit Line facility to maximize your purchases using the dhani Rupay card or on dhani app.

Is Dhani app fake or real?

Dhani App is Fake Or Real:

If you want a quick review of Dhani App, we advise that currently it is genuine and paying to its customer according to their winnings.

How can I use Dhani prepaid card?

Steps to use your Dhani Pay

  1. Download app to order card. Sign up for Dhani Pay prepaid account instantly and order your card to explore the Good Life.
  2. Add money to your wallet. Use credit/debit cards, net banking or get an instant loan from our Dhani Personal Loans Spend to earn Rewards!
  3. Spend to earn Rewards!

Which Dhani card is best?

According to us, it is a great tool that offers 5% cash back on every purchase, and the maximum cashback you can earn is Rs. 1250 per month. Dhani Super Saver’s credit limit will increase with every usage and after you make your purchases. If you are a shopaholic, then this is the best card for you.

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Is Dhani cashback card good?

The 5% cashback will be over and above any special offer that you receive from different merchants or schemes. … A 5% cashback amounting to Rs 5 also got credited instantly, and we ended up paying a net surcharge of 6.8%. That’s huge. Totally not worth purchasing fuel with Dhani Super Saver Prepaid Card.