How do I borrow funds from TNT 10 pesos?

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How do I borrow 10 pesos in TNT load?

How to Borrow Load From Smart or TNT (Utang Load)

  1. Dial *767 or *SOS.
  2. Dial *5623# or *LOAD#
  3. Text the Keyword to 7676.

How do I borrow 10 pesos from smart?

To borrow Smart Prepaid Load, simply *5623# and options shall be displayed. Another way is to text SOS<space>KEYWORD and send to 7676.

How do I Utang load TNT?

Utang Load TNT: How to Borrow Load from TNT for Calls, Text, and…

  1. To borrow 4 SMS texts to Smart/TNT valid for 1 day, dial *767. …
  2. To borrow 9 SMS texts to Smart/TNT valid for 1 day, text SAKLOLOAD BIG7 to 7676. …
  3. To borrow 5 Texts to ALL Networks valid for 1 day, dial *7572.

How do I redeem my GigaPoints In TNT?

How do I redeem rewards using my GigaPoints? You can redeem a variety of Smart and TNT promos which includes GIGA plus many more items being added regularly. Redemption is only through the GigaLife App. Simply visit the Redeem Rewards section in the app and choose your reward.

How can I borrow 50 from TNT 2021?

Borrowing load is super easy. Just dial *121# and select the Balance and Services section. Click Smart Credit and choose your preferred package. 5 texts and 2-minute call to Smart/TNT.

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How can I get free 50 pesos loads in TNT?

Use the invite code WY6Q70MVZ3QR to get free ₱50, which you can then use to buy load for Smart, Globe, TM, TNT and Sun in the PayMaya app.

How can I get loan from smart cell?

Just dial *129*40# to enjoy the Easy Loan! T&C apply. Applicable to users for at least 3 months in the network with Rs. 2 service charge.

How do I borrow money from GCash?

Go to the website «GCash Loan», select the amount and term of the loan and press the “Apply now” button. Fill out the form and accept the terms of the loan. Get the money to the specified bank account.

How do I redeem TNT?

To redeem rewards, simply text REDEEM<space>KEYWORD to 9800. Example (please refer to the table below): REDEEM R1 to 9800.

How do I borrow a regular load in TNT 2020?

To borrow load, simply dial *LOAD# or *5623 then press Call button. Load options shall be displayed on your screen.

How do I load a regular load in TNT?

To send promo packages using Smart and TNT

  1. Text PASALOAD <space> 11 DIGIT SMART OR TNT NUMBER <space> KEYWORD to 808. ( Ex. Pasaload 09191234567 GVD50 and send to 808)
  2. Both you and your recipient will receive text notifications with details of the transaction.