How do I know if I have PayPal Credit?

How do I check my PayPal credit balance?

You can check your PayPal Credit Card balance the following ways:

  1. By calling PayPal’s customer service line at (866) 300-6432.
  2. By signing in to your account online.
  3. Through the PayPal Mobile Cash app for iOS and Android.

Is there a difference between PayPal and PayPal credit?

What’s the difference between PayPal and PayPal Credit? PayPal is a payment option that draws funds from either your bank account or a credit card. … PayPal Credit is a revolving credit line that allows you more time to pay off purchases but charges an APR if you carry a balance.

Why isn’t my PayPal credit showing up on my account?

Probably the seller has been banned by PayPal to accept payments or not eligible to receive payments from buyers online. Check for the credit/debit card you are using to load PayPal credit or to pay the sellers. Insufficient amount may be present in your PayPal wallet as instant credit for payments online.

How do I activate PayPal credit?

Enabling PayPal Credit

To enable PayPal Credit, go to Store Setup › Payments and click the settings tab for your payment gateway (PayPal powered by Braintree or PayPal Express Checkout). Scroll down until you find the toggle for Enable PayPal Credit and ensure that it is enabled.

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How do I find my PayPal Credit account number?

Click PayPal Credit on the left side of your summary page. Click See Statements.

Account Number??

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Is PayPal Credit any good?

Is PayPal Credit good? PayPal Credit is a good option for people who have good credit and who shop online a lot. Because it doesn’t give you a credit card number, it won’t replace your credit card, but it provides additional benefits, like security and financing, for shopping online.

Can you pay a person with PayPal Credit?

Yes! You can now send money with PayPal Credit. It’s easy—simply log in to and select the Send Money tab. Enter the recipient’s email address or phone number, amount, and transaction type.

Does PayPal Credit Show on credit?

Yes, applying for PayPal Credit affects your credit score. … This hard check will appear on your credit report for 2 years and could lower your credit score by a few points.

How good does your credit have to be for PayPal Credit?

The minimum PayPal Credit Card credit score required is 700, which is good credit. As long as you have at least good credit, you should qualify for the PayPal Credit Card. If you use PayPal and eBay a lot, or like to eat at restaurants, it’s worth the hard inquiry.

Is PayPal Credit free?

So long as you’re responsible with paying the balance or large purchases within six months, there’s no financial disincentive to getting PayPal Credit, as there is also no annual fee.

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How do I pay my PayPal Credit bill?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log into your PayPal account.
  2. On the left side of the page under “PayPal Credit,” click “Make a Payment.”
  3. Choose the amount, method and date of your payment. …
  4. Click “Continue.”
  5. Review your payment details.
  6. Click “Pay.”