How do you give credit to the noun project?

Do you have to credit the Noun Project?

As a free member, you must give credit to the icon’s designer each time you use their icon. NounPro members get unlimited royalty-free licenses (no need to worry about attribution), can download icons in any color, and get access to all of our apps for quicker access.

Can I use the Noun Project commercial?

Yes. All of our icons are available to download for free. … If a member doesn’t want to give credit, they can pay to use the icon license either through pre-paid credit, a NounPro subscription or through a single $2.99 purchase. Any public domain symbol is free to use, even commercially.

How much can you earn from noun project?

Fixed Royalties

Get 60% of each icon purchased. Each time someone purchases your icon for $2.99, you earn $1.80. And we pay all transaction fees.

Can you make money on Noun Project?

As part of Noun Project’s talented creator community, you’ll receive a profit each time someone buys a license to use your Creative Commons (CC BY) icons without credit. … You will also receive additional profits of 40% each time someone uses your icons through a service like Pro subscriptions and our API.

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How do you give credit to Flaticon?

Place the attribution on the app’s credits page and on the description page on the app store. Social Networks: Insert the attribution line “Icon made by [author link] from @flaticon” (E.g.: Icon made by Freepik from @flaticon) on the post or post comments.

Can you use Noun Project icons for commercial use?

Yes, you can use icons for commercial use as long as you follow their license.

Is Noun Project public domain?

The new concepts are turned into perfect vector graphics before being added to with a Public Domain license, free for anyone to use.

How can I make money from icons?

How to Make Money As An Icon Designer

  1. Discover your signature style. …
  2. Develop a personal brand. …
  3. Publish your work consistently. …
  4. Icon Design Marketplaces‍ …
  5. Additional Marketplaces. …
  6. Create a list of your dream clients. …
  7. Start within your network. …
  8. Use an established platform‍

How do I sell icons on Iconfinder?

How it works

  1. Create an account.
  2. Upload icons.
  3. Wait for approval.
  4. Start earning.
  5. Cash out.
  6. Learn and get better.