How much can I borrow from Pag IBIG?

How much pag-ibig loan can I get?

All you have to do is meet the Pag-IBIG Salary Loan requirements.

How much can I borrow from the Pag-IBIG Salary Loan program?

Monthly contribution Allowable amount to loan
120 months and over 80% of contribution’s TAV

How much is the maximum salary loan in Pag-ibig?

A qualified Pag-IBIG member shall be allowed to borrow an amount up to a maximum of Six Million Pesos (Php 6,000,000.00), which shall be based on the lowest of the following: The Member’s Actual Need, His Loan Entitlement Based On Capacity To Pay, The Loan-To-Appraisal Value Ratio.

What is the minimum loan in Pag-ibig?

The Pag-IBIG Fund Affordable Housing Loan is designed for minimum-wage and low-income members who earn up to P15,000 a month within the National Capital Region (NCR) and earn up to P12,000 per month outside the NCR.

How much can I loan in Pag-Ibig for the first time?

The Pag-IBIG Salary Loan, also known as the Pag-IBIG Multipurpose Loan, is a cash assistance program every Pag-IBIG member can choose to avail. If you’re a qualified member, you can borrow up to 80% of your Pag-IBIG regular savings and have your loan processed in as fast as two days.

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How can I check my loanable amount in Pag-ibig?

Loan Status Verification. Virtual Pag-IBIG. For questions or to follow-up on your loan application, please call (02)8724-4244 or chat us by clicking on the icon found at the bottom right of your screen. Loan Application No.

Who is eligible for PAG IBIG housing loan?

AGE: At least 18yrs old and a regular employee but not more than sixty-five (65) years old at the date of loan application and must be insurable; provided further, that he is not more than seventy (70) years old at loan maturity; 4. Has the legal capacity to acquire and encumber real property; 5.

Can I withdraw my Pag Ibig contribution?


You can withdraw your entire Pag-IBIG savings (also called provident benefits), which include all your contributions and dividends earned when your membership ends for any of the following reasons: Membership maturity – Twenty years of active Pag-IBIG membership with a total of 240 paid monthly contributions.

How many months before you can re loan in Pag ibig?

Eligibility. For someone getting a new loan, there are only four PAG IBIG loan requirements that you need to meet. You need to contribute at least 24 months to PAG-IBIG. You need to showcase that you were an active member at the time of loan application.

Can I loan a lot in Pag ibig?

You may use the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan to finance any one or a combination of the following: Purchase of a fully developed residential lot or adjoining residential lots not exceeding 1,000 square meters; … Adjoining house and lots / townhouses / row houses / condominium units.

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Can I have 2 pag ibig housing loan?

Yes. According to Pag IBIG Circular 396 released in January of 2018, members who have an existing housing loan can still qualify for one or more additional housing loans with the following conditions: The borrower must have the capacity to pay.

Can I loan in Pag-IBIG without work?

You must be an actively contributing member with at least twenty-four (24) monthly membership savings (MS) and sufficient proof of income to qualify. If you have an existing Pag-IBIG Fund Housing Loan, MPL and/or Calamity Loan, your payments must be updated for you to qualify.

How much is the loanable amount in Pag-IBIG calamity loan?

3How much may I borrow under the Pag-IBIG Calamity Loan? Qualified members may borrow up to 80% of their total Pag-IBIG Regular Savings, which consist of their monthly contributions, their employer’s contributions, and accumulated dividends earned.

Can I loan in Pag-IBIG with existing loan?

If with existing MPL and/or Calamity Loan, the account/s must not be in default as of date of application; and 5. Submission of sufficient proof of income. A qualified Pag-IBIG member shall be allowed to borrow an amount based on the lowest of the following: desired loan amount, loan entitlement, capacity-to-pay.