Question: How can I pay my SSS loan past due online?

How can I pay my SSS loan online?

To proceed with payment:

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on Payment Reference Number (PRN)
  3. Copy the generated Payment Reference Number (PRN)
  4. Be sure to check if covered months being paid for is correct. …
  5. Log in to Security Bank Online.
  6. Select Pay Bills under Payments & Transfers.

How do I settle an unpaid SSS loan?

Go to the nearest SSS branch and get two copies of your Statement of Loan Balances for Loan Restructuring Program. Fill out one copy of the SSS Loan Restructuring Application Form. Submit all the requirements to the nearest SSS office.

What happens if SSS loan is not paid?

Any unpaid loan amortization shall bear a penalty of 1.5% for every month of delay. If the mortgagor fails to pay at least six (6) monthly amortizations, the SSS may immediately foreclose the mortgaged property.

How can I pay my SSS loan past due?

How to Pay SSS Salary Loan: A Step-by-Step Guide.

  1. Obtain a Payment Reference Number (PRN).
  2. Pay your salary loan.
  3. Wait for your payment to be posted.
  4. Install the SSS mobile app on your phone.
  5. Log in using your user ID and password.
  6. Click the floating “+” icon.
  7. Under LOANS, select Balance.
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How can I pay my SSS loan balance?

Payment shall be made at any SSS branch with tellering facility, SSS-accredited bank or SSS-authorized payment center.

Can I pay SSS loan thru PayMaya?

You can now remit contributions to SSS using your PayMaya account or any credit, debit, and prepaid card. … Ignacio, SSS President and CEO. Filipinos who do not have a bank account or a credit card can easily sign up for a PayMaya account by downloading and registering in the PayMaya app.

How can I pay my SSS loan online BPI?

4 Easy Steps to Pay SSS contribution in BPI Online

  1. Login to SSS Mobile App to Generate PRN. Select the number of months of the contribution that you want to pay. …
  2. Select BPI as Your Preferred Payment Method. …
  3. Login to your bpi online account. …
  4. BPI will Send You an OTP for your SSS Payment.

How can I pay my SSS loan in Bayad Center?

Here’s how to pay SSS contributions at any Bayad Center:

  1. Go to the nearest Bayad Center at your place of living.
  2. Ask for right transaction form that applicable for paying SSS contributions.
  3. Fill out the form correctly with you name, SSS number, payment type, payor type and the applicable months that you want to pay.

Can I pay SSS contribution late?

Under Republic Act No. 11199 (Social Security Law of 2018), if an employer fails to pay contributions to the SSS as prescribed, it will incur a penalty of 2% per month from the date the contribution falls due until paid.

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