Question: How do I pay my letshego loan?

How do I transfer money from my letshego account?

With the new LetsGo solution customers can access and move their money through their mobile phone using Letshego’s USSD code*140*555#.

How does Letshego work?

Allows you to make payments to suppliers, pay bills or receive payments from any other bank account knowing that your money will be safe and secure from the moment it’s sent to the moment it arrives at its destination.

How do I withdraw money from letshego?

Accessing your LetsGo is also easy! Customers can access and move their money via their mobile phone (USSD and WiCode), Debit Card, as well as walk into the Windhoek and Kautura branches should customers wish to make cash withdrawals, deposit and request for LetsGo statements.

What is letshego?

The Letshego Group is a proudly African multinational organisation, headquartered and listed in Botswana and focused on delivering inclusive finance solutions to underserved populations across 11 Sub Saharan Markets.

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