Question: Is 663 a Good credit score in India?

Can I buy a house with a 663 credit score?

If your credit score is a 663 or higher, and you meet other requirements, you should not have any problem getting a mortgage. … The types of programs that are available to borrowers with a 663 credit score are: conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, USDA loans, jumbo loans, and non-prime loans.

What is a good credit score in India?

The Experian score ranges between 300 and 850. A credit score in India of 800 and above is considered excellent. A good credit score is anything above 700. The higher the credit score, the more confident banks and NBFCs are that you will be able to repay the loan.

What is the average credit score in India?

A score above 750 is a good score to have. A credit score in India is in the range of 300-900.

Can you get an apartment with a 663 credit score?

Apartment Credit Scores

Typically, a credit score of 620 or above will enable you to obtain an apartment lease with relatively little trouble. Apartment leasing sources state that credit scores lower than 620 receive a “high risk of default” rating along with a leasing denial.

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Is a credit score of 663 OK?

A FICO® Score of 663 places you within a population of consumers whose credit may be seen as Fair. Your 663 FICO® Score is lower than the average U.S. credit score. … Consumers with FICO® Scores in the good range (670-739) or higher are generally offered significantly better borrowing terms.

Is 663 a good credit score to buy car?

Is 663 a Good Credit Score? A 663 FICO® Score is considered “Fair”. Mortgage, auto, and personal loans are somewhat difficult to get with a 663 Credit Score. Lenders normally don’t do business with borrowers that have fair credit because it’s too risky.

Is 757 a good credit score in India?

A 757 credit score is Very Good, but it can be even better. If you can elevate your score into the Exceptional range (800-850), you could become eligible for the very best lending terms, including the lowest interest rates and fees, and the most enticing credit-card rewards programs.

Is 762 a good credit score in India?

Your score falls within the range of scores, from 740 to 799, that is considered Very Good. A 762 FICO® Score is above the average credit score. Consumers in this range may qualify for better interest rates from lenders.

Is 664 a Good credit score in India?

What’s more, your score of 664 is very close to the Good credit score range of 670-739. With some work, you may be able to reach (and even exceed) that score range, which could mean access to a greater range of credit and loans, at better interest rates.

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Is 686 a Good credit score in India?

A 686 FICO®Score is Good, but by earning a score in the Very Good range, you could qualify for lower interest rates and better borrowing terms. A great way to get started is to check your credit score to find out the specific factors that impact your score the most and get your free credit report from Experian.

Is 695 a Good credit score in India?

Your score falls within the range of scores, from 670 to 739, which are considered Good. Lenders view consumers with scores in the good range as “acceptable” borrowers, and may offer them a variety of credit products, though not necessarily at the lowest-available interest rates. …