Question: Is it hard to get a TD credit card?

What credit score do you need for the TD double up card?


Annual fee $0
Rewards Up to 2% cash back. 1% cash back on purchases plus 1% when you redeem into an eligible TD Bank Deposit Account
Purchase APR 14.99%, 19.99% or 24.99% variable
Balance transfer APR 0% intro for the first 15 billing cycles (then 14.99%, 19.99% or 24.99% variable)
Minimum Credit Score 620

Does TD Bank do a hard pull?

TD Bank typically pulls credit reports from Experian when evaluating credit card applications, but it could use any of the three major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, Experian). So if any of your credit reports are frozen, you should unfreeze them before submitting an application for a TD Bank credit card.

How long does it take to get approved for a TD Credit Card?

Typically, an application will take 2 business days to process, plus an additional 7-10 business days to have the card directly mailed to your residence.

What is TD credit card limit?

The minimum credit limit is $500 with a maximum of $25,000 for the TD Cash Credit Card. For TD Visa Signature benefits, the credit limit must be $5,000 or greater.

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What cards does TD Bank issue?

View Credit Card Agreements for TD Bank Credit Cards.

  • TD Double Up Credit Card.
  • TD Cash Credit Card.
  • TD First ClassSM Visa Signature® Credit Card.
  • TD Business Solutions Credit Card.
  • TD Cash Secured Credit Card.

Does TD offer credit score?

Through the Verified.Me app, individuals who have an account with BMO, CIBC, Desjardins, RBC, Scotiabank or TD can easily check their credit score for free with Equifax, Canada’s leading credit bureau.

Does TD pull Equifax or Transunion?

TransUnion is indicated in green, while Equifax is indicated in red. Most creditors only pull one bureau, with the exception of Capital One, who pulls both.

TD Canada Trust X
TD Bank USA (for Canadian Applicants) X
Vancity X
Wal-Mart Mastercard X

Does TD Bank report to credit bureau?

Every time you perform a financial transaction at TD Bank – from requesting an automobile loan to paying your credit card bill on time – we report that information to the credit bureaus. Over time, that information demonstrates your creditworthiness and determines whether you qualify for more credit.

How often does TD increase credit limit?

After your bank increases your credit limit, you’ll typically need to wait another four months before you can apply for another increase. If your bank reduces your limit, you must wait six months to request an increase.

What credit score is needed for a credit card Canada?

In Canada, most card providers view a credit score of 650 as satisfactory and those with credit scores above this level should have no issues being approved for a credit card. However, those whose credit score falls below the 650 mark may find it more difficult to qualify for premium options.

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Why did TD decline my credit card application?

If you’ve been rejected for a credit card, it may be because you didn’t have a high enough credit score for the particular card. Banks don’t explicitly state if a specific score is required to get approved for a credit card, but the general rule of thumb is the higher your score, the better.