Quick Answer: Which of the following is a source of formal sector loan?

Which of the following is a formal source of loan?


Formal sources of loans Informal source of loans
Formal sources typically charge lower interest rates. They charge much higher interest rates for informal sources.
Examples: Banks and cooperatives Examples: Moneylenders, merchants, workers, relatives and friends etc.

What are the sources of formal sector loans?

Formal sector loans include loans from banks and cooperatives. Features of formal sector loans are : (i) Formal sectors provide cheap and affordable loans and their rate of interest is monitered by RBI.

Which one of the following is the example of formal sector of credit?

Banks and collaborative societies are known as the formal sector of credit which requires collateral as the condition for lending money. Landowners, moneylenders, merchants, relatives, associates all constitute the informal sector of credit.

What do you mean by formal sources of loan?

Loans that are given by banks and co-operative. institutions are called Formal sector of credit. b) The functioning of these banks and co-operative. institutions are supervised by Reserve Bank of India – RBI.

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What are formal credit sources?

The formal sources of credit consist of banks and cooperative societies. 2. The credit activities of the sector of supervised by the Reserve Bank of India. 3. It provides credit to all at a low rate of interest.

What is formal sector give two loans from formal sector?

Loans are : (i) Formal sectors provide cheap and affordable loans and their rate of interest are monitored by Reserve Bank of India. (ii) Formal sector strictly follows the terms of credit, which includes interest rate, collateral, documentation and the mode of repayment.

Who provide formal sector loans?

Answer: The Reserve Bank of India supervises the functioning of formal sources of loans. Functions of Reserve Bank of India. 1.

What are the examples of formal sector?

The formal sector consists of municipal agencies or private firms that are responsible for waste collection, transport, and disposal. Second, activities in the informal sector may be less efficient than those in the formal sector.

What is formal sector?

Wikipedia defines the formal sector as activities that are taxed and monitored by the government and the activities involved are included in the Gross Domestic Product(GDP). … Formal sectors represent all jobs with specific working hours and regular wages and the worker’s job is assured.

Is an example of informal source of credit?

(a) Informal sources of credit are moneylenders, traders, employers, relatives, friends etc.