What are the scenes after the credits called?

Are post-credit scenes part of a movie?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Many films since the 1980s and earlier have featured mid- and post-credit scenes, also known as credit cookies. Such scenes often include comedy, plot revelations, outtakes, and/or hints about sequels.

Does Tom and Jerry have a post credit scene?

There is a scene at the end of the closing credits, which shows Ben getting billed by the hotel for *both* weddings. … Still images of Tom, Jerry and the other animated characters are shown throughout the end credits. Photos of the animated characters are shown alongside the end credits.

Is there an end credit scene in Old?

Is There An End-Credit Scene in Old? There is not a scene after the credits roll in Old. … The lack of post-credit scene after Old suggests this film will be a standalone movie, though some tropes connect it to previous films of Shyamalan’s.

Is there an after credit scene in free guy?

There is no end-credits scene for Free Guy, which opens up some interesting possibilities. Unlike its Disney mates in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), post-credit scenes tease upcoming movies. … As a result, one could suggest this means Free Guy is a standalone movie, and nothing will come after.

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Which movie has the longest credits?

The Lord of the Rings trilogy has reached its climax by setting a new record for having the longest closing credits in Hollywood history. The Return of the King wraps up with an impressive nine and a half minutes of credits, listing hundreds of names.

How do you list credits on a resume?

Film Credits

  1. Film credits should be listed by role type rather than by character name or description.
  2. Include the production company and director as well. When listing a student film on your resume, mention the college as the production company.