What credit bureau does Exxon use?

What bank does Exxon use?

The ExxonMobil Smart Card is issued by Citibank, N.A. ExxonMobil BusinessPro and ExxonMobil FleetPro are issued by WEX Bank. Exxon Mobil Rewards+ is a rewards program available at participating Exxon- and Mobil-branded service stations. Terms and conditions apply.

What is the easiest gas station credit card to get?

Here are some of the best easy approval gas credit cards:

  • Discover it® Secured Credit Card: $0 annual fee. …
  • Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa® for Rebuilding Credit: Annual fee of $75 intro 1st yr, $99 after. …
  • Walmart® Store Card: $0 annual fee. …
  • Shell Gas Card: $0 annual fee. …
  • Chevron and Texaco Gas Card: $0 annual fee.

How long does it take to get Exxon credit card?

How long does it take to get approved/receive card? The ExxonMobil BusinessPro card issuer intends to approve all applications within 48 hours from receipt of a completed application. Once the account is approved, cards can be printed and issued within seven days.

Is Exxon credit card hard to get?

You need to have fair credit or better (a credit score of 640+) for good odds of approval for the ExxonMobil Gas Card. Also remember that an application will result in a hard pull on your credit, lowering your score for a short period of time.

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Where is ExxonMobil card accepted?

As far as purchases go, this card is accepted only at Exxon and Mobil gas stations. You can buy gas, car washes, snacks or whatever else your heart desires — but it has to be at these specific gas stations. And only gas purchases earn you rewards. But ExxonMobil offers other ways to earn rewards without a credit card.

Does Exxon have a rewards card?

With the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ program, you can earn points on items you purchase every day — like fuel, convenience store items and car washes. For every 100 points you earn, you can redeem for $1 in savings.

How hard is it to get a Shell credit card?

The typical applicant approved for the Shell credit card will have at least fair credit, which means a score of 640 or higher. Therefore make sure to check your credit score before you submit an application with them. It’s a good card, but don’t waste a hard inquiry.

Is four credit cards too many?

Credit bureaus suggest that five or more accounts — which can be a mix of cards and loans — is a reasonable number to build toward over time. Having very few accounts can make it hard for scoring models to render a score for you.

Which gas card is best?

Best Gas Credit Cards for 2021

  • Citi Rewards+® Card: Best for everyday spending.
  • Sam’s Club® Mastercard®: Best wholesale club card.
  • Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express: Best for gas and groceries.
  • Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express: Best for no annual fees.
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