What is a supervised loan?

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What is a supervised loan in Indiana?

Definitions: (1) “Supervised loan” means a consumer loan in which the rate of the loan finance charge exceeds twenty-five percent (25%) per year as determined according to the provisions on loan finance charge for consumer loans in section 201 of this chapter.

Which of the following best defines a supervised lender?

A supervised lender is any lender that requires scheduled examinations and supervision by a Federal government agency. They are different from a nonsupervised lender in that they do not need VA approval to close or process their loans.

What is a restricted lender?

Restricted Lender means a Lender that fails to approve an amendment, waiver or consent requested by the Loan Parties pursuant to Section 10.01 that has received the written approval of not less than the Required Lenders but also requires the approval of such Lender.

What is a Uccc?

The Uniform Consumer Credit Code (UCCC) is a code of conduct to prevent fraud and misinformation in credit transactions. Nine states have adopted the code, while others have incorporated its provisions.

What is the maximum finance charge percentage allowed on a loan primarily secured by an interest in land?

a. The Basic Rate: The California Constitution allows parties to contract for interest on a loan primarily for personal, family or household purposes at a rate not exceeding 10% per year.

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What does lending restrictions apply?

Increasing, mortgage lenders impose a restriction on the title to the property that is security for their loan, preventing any disposition (including a sale), without the lender’s prior consent.

What is the meaning of restructured loan?

What is Loan Restructuring? Loan Restructuring fundamentally means the modification of the loan terms and conditions. When a borrower faces financial distress, he can opt to revisit, negotiate and revise the loan terms and reduce the chances of any payment default.

Is a mortgage a disposition?

A mortgage is itself a disposition of title and, under the common law principle of nemo dat quod non habet, a person cannot grant a greater interest than he or she possesses.