What is pharma loan license?

What do you mean by loan Licence?

Explanation. —For the purpose of this rule a ‘loan licence’ means a licence which a licensing authority may issue to an applicant who does not have his own arrangements for manufacture but who intends to avail himself of the manufacturing facilities owned by a licensee in Form 32.

How do I get a pharma loan license?

List of Documents required for Loan License Manufacturing Approval:

  1. Covering Letter.
  2. Challan for the required amount under the Head of Account.
  3. Statutory Forms: Form Fees.
  4. Declaration of the Proprietor/Partners/Directors etc., in Affidavit-I along with Attested copies of Partnership Deed/Memorandum of Articles.

What is difference between loan Licence and third party manufacturing?

In Loan license, you will rent a particular space in already licensed manufacturing unit for manufacturing your own brand name products. … It is similar to third party manufacturing but has few differences. In loan licensing you can use marketed by address and manufactured by name of your company.

What is loan license jurisprudence?

DEFINITION: A license gave by the authority to a candidate who doesn’t have his own courses of action for produce yet who means to profit himself of the manufacturing offices claimed by another license.

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What is the duration of loan license?

The duration of the MONEY LENDING licence is FIVE YEARS.

What is P2P Pharma?

P2P (product to product) is another variant of loan licensing system. A P2P manufacturer providing to other manufacturer in different brand names also should not be discouraged since every brand name goes to different companies and this results in better market reach of the concerned drug, he added.

What is the salary of drug inspector?

The salary structure of a drug inspector appointed by the central government could be different from the ones appointed by state governments. As per the Pay Matrix Level – 7, a drug inspector earns anywhere from INR 44,900 per months to INR 1,42,400 per month. The initial salary usually starts with INR 40,000 or above.

What are the qualification of drug inspector?

To be eligible to become a drug inspector, a candidate must have completed his graduation in pharmacy or pharmaceutical science or clinical pharmacology or microbiology or medicine or any other equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.

What are Schedule G drugs?

Schedule G: Most of these drugs are hormonal preparations. The drug label must display the text “Caution: It is dangerous to take this preparation except under medical supervision” prominently. Examples of substances under this schedule: Testolactone, Hydroxyurea, Carbutamide, Primidone etc.

What is Code of Pharmaceutical Ethics?

The code of ethics, formulated by the Pharmacy Council of India for the guidance of the Indian Pharmacists is meant to guide the pharmacists as to how he should conduct himself, his patrons & general public, his colleagues, members of the medical & other health professionals.

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