What is posting key in SAP FICO?

What kind of records do I need?

What does posting key mean?

Posting key is a two digit number which plays a very crucial role in posting an accounting document. As per standard practice, each key is used for a specific business transaction. Standard sap offer large number of predefined key.

How do I find my posting key in SAP?

When you enter a posting, enter a posting key for each item. This key determines how the item is posted. Posting keys are defined at client level and therefore apply to all company codes.

Posting Keys.

Posting Key Description
40 G/L account debit posting
50 G/L account credit posting
01 Customer invoices
11 Customer credit memos

What is posting key 39 in SAP?

In the standard system, you post down payments made with posting key 29. This posting key determines that you are posting to the debit side of a vendor account.

Posting Keys and Special G/L Indicators.

Posting key Description Usage (example)
29 Incoming debit posting Down payment made
39 Incoming credit posting Payment of bill payable

What is the importance of posting keys?

Posting key determines the account type to be entered. That means it will determine whether account type will be a customer account or vendor account or asset account or general ledger account.

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What exactly posting key is in FICO and what is its significance?

Posting Key is a two-digit numeric key. It is defined to control the entry of document line items in a FI Transaction. Posting Key specifies the line item is either debit or credit entry, account type and the screen layout of line items.

What is posting key 81 in SAP?

Hi Gurus, We have an issue where in user had incorrectly entered posting key 81(Debit Cost) instead of posting key 40(Debit Entry) when creating credit memo in FV75. We are now in the process of reversing the wrong credit memo to raise a new one with correct posting key.

What is SAP key?

The primary key comprising the key fields is a unique identification for a table row. If other combinations of table rows identify a table row uniquely, they are called key candidates.

How many periods are there in the SAP FICO?

How many periods are there in the SAP FICO? There is a total of 165 periods among which 4 are considered special.

What is posting period in SAP SD?

SAP FI Posting period variant is used to maintain accounting periods that are open for posting and all closed period are balanced. This is used for opening and closing period in the fiscal year for posting purpose. You can assign these posting periods to one or more company codes.

What are document types in SAP FICO?

SAP FI – Define Document Type

Document Type Document Type Description
AN Net Asset Posting
DR Customer Invoice
DZ Customer Payment
KA Vendor Document
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