When can I loan again in SSS?

How much can I loan in SSS for the second time?

You can borrow as much as PHP 30,000 minus taxes for this. If you’re applying for the second time onwards and you have no outstanding payments, this is what you can expect to get.

How many times can you loan in SSS?

A maximum of three (3) qualified SSS members may combine their individual loanable limits, secured by the same collateral, provided they are related within the first (1st) civil degree of consanguinity or affinity. The loan is payable in multiples of five (5) years up to a maximum of thirty (30) years.

How many months before you can re loan in SSS?

SSS members who have at least 36 months total contributions and 6 months of contributions in the last twelve months can apply. The salary loan amount is equivalent to one month’s worth of salary.

Is calamity loan still available in SSS 2021?

The deadline for the application for the calamity loan or CLAP is until February 26, 2021. Also, there is a Direct House Repair and Improvement Loan for qualified members, which will be open for one year from the issuance of its corresponding circular.

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How much is the maximum salary loan in SSS 2021?

Assuming that your income never changed and you paid your contributions consistently in the last 12 months, the maximum SSS salary loan you can borrow is Php 18,000 for a one-month salary loan and as much as Php 36,000 for a two-month salary loan, provided that you’re qualified for it.

How many months before you can re loan in Pag ibig?

The Pag-IBIG Salary loan is payable for a maximum period of 24 months. Upon the time of release, you will have a two (2) month grace period before you need to repay the amount in full.

How much is the maximum SSS loan?


Actual need of the borrower (total project cost) Loan value of the assigned collateral or securities; or. Maximum of P500. 00 million per borrower.

Can I apply salary loan even if I have existing calamity loan?

The T&C is for the Salary Loan and the deduction of the outstanding balance should apply only to the remaining salary loan balance. Hence, SSS shouldn’t deduct the calamity loan. … You should put this one as part of your T&C and/or Eligibility when applying for Salary Loan since this one is clear.

What will happen if I stop paying my SSS contribution?

pay all unpaid contributions plus a penalty of three percent per month; and. be held liable for a criminal offense punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.

Can I use GCash for SSS salary loan?

“GCash offers a fast, convenient and hassle-free means for paying SSS contributions and loans. … An SSS member must have a prepaid or postpaid Globe or Touch Mobile account to gain access to the GCash payment facility.

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Can I loan in SSS if unemployed?

The SSS Unemployment Insurance or benefit is not a loan. It is financial assistance that you can claim if you are eligible. There will be no need to repay anything. However, it is only for a maximum of two months.