Which of the following best describes open end credit?

What is the best example of open end credit?

Open-end credit examples

Department store credit cards. Service station credit cards. Bank-issued credit cards. Overdraft protection for checking accounts.

What is open end credit quizlet?

Open end credit. A pre-approved loan between a financial institution and borrower that may be used repeatedly up to a certain limit and can subsequently be paid back prior to payments coming due. The pre-approved amount will be set out in the agreement between the lender and the borrower. Annual percentage rate.

What are three examples of open ended credit?

Examples of open-end credit? Co-branding? they collect info; from banks, finance companies, credit card companies, merchants, etc. If a billing error occurs on your account, notify the creditor in writing within 60 days.

What is open end credit and closed end credit?

Key Takeaways. Closed-end credit includes debt instruments that are acquired for a particular purpose and a set amount of time. Open-end credit is not restricted to a specific use or duration. A line of credit is a type of open-end credit.

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Which of the following is an example of open end credit quizlet?

One example of open end credit is credit cards. Closed end credit is a loan for a stated amount that must be repaid in full by a certain date. Closed end credit has a set payment amount every month. An example of closed end credit is a car loan.

Which is not an example of open end credit quizlet?

You pay interest charges for a credit card only if you carry a balance to the next month. … Debit cards issued by banks are not an example of open-end credit.

What are the three types of closed-end credit quizlet?

The three most common types of closed-end credit are installment sales credit, installment cash credit, and single lump-sum credit.

What are open credit accounts?

Open credit refers to accounts that you can borrow from up to a maximum amount (like a credit card) but which must also be paid back in full each month. Open credit is generally associated with charge cards — not to be confused with the credit cards used for revolving credit.

What is another name for open-end credit?

Open-end credit also is referred to as a line of credit or a revolving line of credit.

What is open account credit quizlet?

Open Account Credit. A specified amount beyond which a customer may not borrow or purchase on credit.

What is the difference between open-end credit and?

Closed-end credit is a form of credit that must be paid off by a specific date. Open-end credit is an amount of credit that can be borrowed repeatedly as long as consistent payments are made according to the bank’s terms. The cost of these types of credit are fees and interest rates charged by the lender.

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