You asked: Are cob houses Mortgageable?

Is a cob house Mortgageable?

Cob houses are generally acceptable to most mortgage companies, but it is worth checking with a financial advisor before making a mortgage application. Like many other older building methods, thatched roofs offer excellent thermal properties, as well as looking particularly attractive on the top of an old cottage.

Do you need planning permission for a cob house?

Cob houses can be built in any style you want. Garden studios usually don’t need any planning permission, unless you live in a conservation area.

How long do cob houses last?

How long does cob last? The oldest cob house currently standing is 10,00 years old. If this doesn’t speak to how strong and durable cob houses are, then nothing will. Cob houses are built to stand forever as long as their roofs are maintained, and they are properly looked after.

Does cob wash away?

Why doesn’t it wash away in the rain? Cob is very resistant to weathering. Because of its porous nature, it withstands long periods of rain without weakening. However, too much exposure is best avoided by the “boots and cap” strategy: wide roof eaves to protect the walls and an impervious foundation.

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What is the R value of cob?

A: There has been very little engineering testing done on cob per se. Most of the numbers we use were actually derived from studies of adobe, which is similar in its makeup. Purported R values range from a low of 0.3 per inch to a high of 1 per inch.

How much does cob cost?

Cob house cost

The basic cost, however, may lie somewhere around $2000 – $5000.

Do cob houses get hot?

Cob is also a very poor conductor of heat and has very low thermal conductivity. Meaning, heat from outside has a much harder and longer time to transfer through your walls and inside your home. … Cob is a suitable building material for hot or cold climates due to its ability to keep indoor temperatures stable.

Can you have electricity in a cob house?

It is indeed possible to have indoor plumbing and electricity in a cob home, but you need to make this decision before you begin building the home. The electrical wiring goes in between your cob walls so it should be decided on beforehand.

Where are cob houses legal?

Three counties — Nevada, Humboldt and Mendocino — allow cob to be used for dwellings under a state code provision for rural limited density housing. “It’s has been around forever and is one of the most conventional ways to build a building,” said Craig Griesbach, Nevada County’s director of building.

What happens when a cob house gets wet?

There’s all kinds of issues with that but when we look at cob and earth materials what’s special about them is they are vapor permeable so water can get into them, but then it naturally releases from the walls so even if your walls get wet they’re going to have a chance to naturally air out and dry out and there’s no …

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Can cob house get wet?

Cob is demonstrably suitable to wet climates, as is shown by the thousands of cob homes on the coast of Britain, some of which are up to 800 years old. We’ve been building with cob on the pacific Coasts of Oregon, Washington, BC, and California for up to 20 years with no apparent problems.