You asked: Which of the following may cause the loan estimate to be revised?

What triggers a revised loan estimate?

Common reasons you may receive a revised Loan Estimate include: The home was appraised at less than the sales price. Your lender could not document your overtime, bonus, or other irregular income. You decided to get a different kind of loan or change your down payment amount.

Under which circumstances is a creditor permitted to issue a revised loan estimate?

A revised loan estimate may only be provided if the original disclosures stated clearly and conspicuously that at any time prior to 60 days before consummation, the lender may issue revised disclosures. If no such statement is provided, the lender may not issue revised disclosures.

What triggers a revised closing disclosure?

Three changes can trigger the issuance of a revised Closing Disclosure and a new three-day waiting period: A change in the annual percentage rate — the APR — for your loan. … Switching your loan product; for example, moving from a fixed to an adjustable-rate mortgage.

Are loan estimates binding?

When is a loan estimate binding? Technically, a loan estimate is only binding on the date it’s issued. Like stock prices, interest rates change daily, so if you don’t lock your mortgage rate in with the lender the same day you receive your loan estimate, the interest rate, terms and closing costs could change.

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Does a revised loan estimate need to be signed?

You don’t need to have a signed contract for the property that you’re receiving a Loan Estimate for. You’re not obligated to pay an application fee other than a reasonable fee for the lender to run a credit report. If your interest rate or loan details change, you may receive a revised Loan Estimate.

When a revised loan estimate is provided in person it is considered received by the consumer?

The Closing Disclosure, when a revised Loan Estimate is provided in person, it is considered received by the consumer on the day it is provided. If it is mailed or delivered electronically, the consumer is considered to have received it three business days after it is delivered or placed in the mail.

When can a revised loan estimate be delivered after the closing disclosure has been delivered?

You may not provide a revised Loan Estimate on or after the date you provide the Closing Disclosure. Also, you must provide the revised Loan Estimate no later than three business days (counting days you are open for business) after receiving information sufficient to justify revision.

What are adjustments and other credits on a loan estimate?

Credits Adjustments and Other Credits is the total amount of all items in the Loan Costs and Other Costs tables that are paid by persons other than the loan originator, creditor, consumer, or seller, together with any other amounts that are required to be paid by the consumer at closing pursuant to the contract of sale …

How much can a loan estimate change?

What can change on the Closing Disclosure? According to TRID – the set of fair lending rules that regulates Loan Estimates and Closing Disclosures – some of the costs for your loan may not increase at closing. Others may change, but only by 10 percent or less.

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What is needed for a loan estimate?

A Loan Estimate is a three-page form that you receive after applying for a mortgage. The Loan Estimate tells you important details about the loan you have requested. … The form provides you with important information, including the estimated interest rate, monthly payment, and total closing costs for the loan.