Your question: Can I pay my car loan with Plastiq?

Can you pay a loan with Plastiq?

Plastiq provides the one way to pay mortgage with a credit card. The process is straightforward, easy and convenient. The mortgage can be paid on a one-time basis or every month and setting up credit card payments takes just minutes online.

Can you buy a car with Plastiq?

Use Plastiq to Make Car Payments

If you plan to finance your vehicle purchase, you don’t have to miss out on earning valuable rewards. You can use a service, like Plastiq, to make you car payment. This is a great way to meet your minimum spending requirement!

What bills can you pay with Plastiq?

Who Can I Pay with Plastiq?

  • Rent or mortgage.
  • Tuition.
  • Utilities (Electric, water, gas, solar, internet)
  • Car payments.
  • Homeowners Association.
  • Country club (Member/guest fees, events, etc)
  • Insurance.
  • Taxes (Property, Income and more)

Can I use Plastiq to pay credit card?

Plastiq is a service that lets you pay virtually any bill with a credit card. There is a 2.85% flat fee for all transactions, and there are a few payment type restrictions for each various credit card issuers.

How do I pay myself using Plastiq?

You add a debit or credit card to your Plastiq account and charge it in the amount of the bill, and then Plastiq pays the company on your behalf via a method that the vendor accepts: ACH, wire transfer or an old-fashioned paper check.

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Is Plastiq considered a cash advance?

How Does Plastiq Work? Using Plastiq to pay your bills is easy. … Plastiq will then charge your credit card. Because this charge goes in as a purchase instead of a cash advance, you’ll avoid the cash advance fees that may otherwise be charged by your credit card issuer.

Is Plastiq worth using?

For starters, if you’re trying to meet a large spending requirement to earn a credit card sign-up bonus, Plastiq might be worth considering. You’ll pay roughly $28.50 per $1,000 payment, which could be worthwhile depending on the sign-up bonus size.

Is there another service like Plastiq?

Plastiq competitors include KUBRA, WePay, Square, Merchant Services and RadPad.

Can you use Plastiq with Chase?

For Chase personal VISA credit cards, payments made through Plastiq may be subject to a lower card limit (typically ~20% of your total card limit). Your transaction should otherwise be treated normally with full rewards.

Can I pay my student loans with Plastiq?

Plastiq makes it easy to use your credit card to pay any type of bill. … Just link a great rewards card to your Plastiq account, and direct Plastiq to make a student loan payment on your behalf. Your bill will get paid, and you’ll also earn credit card rewards for doing it.