Can you use Debenhams credit card anywhere?

Can I use my Debenhams credit card in other stores?

If you have a Debenhams Credit Card you can still use it wherever you see the Mastercard logo.

Do Debenhams credit cards still work?

In December 2020, Debenhams told us its one credit card would continue to work for now and that users could continue to manage their account, view transactions and make payments through the Debenhams card app, its online account manager, and through the automated phone service.

Can I use my Debenhams store card online?

You can spend your gift cards online, or in-store, but they cannot be exchanged for cash or a voucher.

Can I use my bank credit card anywhere?

Whether a credit card is accepted at a particular merchant depends on the payment network it belongs to. The good news is that the four major payment networks—Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express—are widely accepted everywhere in the United States.

What is happening with Debenhams website?

BOOHOO has officially taken over the Debenhams website, as the department store chain launches a final closing down sale in stores. The 243-year-old retailer is clearing stock before shutting its stores for good.

What cards do NewDay own?

While NewDay Ltd look after brands, such as Aqua and Fluid. This is important to know if you want to switch your credit card.

Paying interest?

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Credit card brand Owned by
American Express American Express
aqua NewDay (formerly Sav Credit)
British Airways American Express
Bank of Scotland Bank of Scotland

Are all Debenhams closing?

Debenhams has announced it will shut its remaining stores by 15 May, closing the door on more than 200 years of trade on UK high streets. The move means 49 more shops will go, on top of the 52 due to close on 8 May. The Debenhams brand will continue online after being bought by retailer Boohoo for £55m in January.

Which Debenhams stores are closing down 2021?

Which are the last Debenhams stores to close? The final wave of closures will see many of Debenhams’ big stores in Belfast, Cardiff, Liverpool and Birmingham Bullring all close on Saturday 15 May 2021.

Is Debenhams still trading 2021?

The Debenhams brand will continue to trade online after it was bought by the fashion retailer Boohoo for £55m in January.