Frequent question: Do Home Depot credit cards work anywhere?

Does the Home Depot credit card only work at Home Depot?

The card can only be used at Home Depot stores or online. Of note, Home Depot offers a project charge card for individuals.

Can I use my Home Depot credit card at Lowe’s?

Home Depot’s credit card can only be used for purchases and rentals (except for gift cards) at Home Depot stores and online as of 2021. Unfortunately, the Home Depot credit card cannot be used at Walmart or Lowe’s and cannot be used internationally in Mexico or for the purchase of gasoline. What is this?

Can you use Home Depot store credit anywhere?

Home Depot Store Credit can be redeemed at any Home Depot store, provided you bring along your valid photo ID that is linked to the card. A government-issued photo ID is required during this process to prevent fraudulent activity, including return fraud and the online sale of Store Credit cards.

Is the Home Depot credit card a real credit card?

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card is not a traditional store credit card with a loyalty program. Instead, this card is designed for those who frequent the store and need breathing room to pay off big purchases — all for a $0 annual fee.

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Does Home Depot do a hard credit check?

Unlike Bank of America, Home Depot runs a HARD credit inquiry which showed up immediately on Credit Karma.

Is Home Depot credit card a visa?

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card is an in-house store credit card offered by the home improvement retailer. It does not carry a Mastercard or Visa logo. That means that you can use it only for purchases at your local The Home Depot store or through the retailer’s app and website.

Which is cheaper Lowes or Home Depot?

On our more general shopping list, 11 products were cheaper at Lowe’s, with average savings of just over 13 percent. Home Depot undercut Lowe’s on only 9 items, by an average of just over 9 percent.

Lowe’s vs. Home Depot: Which Has Better Prices and Services?

Lowe’s 13.3% on 11 items
Home Depot 9.1% on 9 items
Winner/ Savings Lowe’s

Why can’t I use my Home Depot card online?

You can’t use the Home Depot® Credit Card outside of Home Depot stores and the Home Depot website, because it’s a store card. Regular credit cards are part of a card network – Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express – so those cards can be used anywhere the card’s network is accepted.

Can I use my Lowe’s credit card anywhere?

Where Can the Lowe’s Credit Card be Used? Because the Advantage Card is a store credit card, you can only use it at Lowe’s locations. … You can’t use it like a regular credit card to make everyday purchases at other retailers. You can only use the Lowe’s Advantage Card at Lowe’s locations or on

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Does Home Depot store credit card expire?

Do Home Depot credit cards expire with this in mind? The Consumer Credit Card for HD does not expire. However, the account will be closed if it is not used for a long period of time.