Quick Answer: Can letter of credit be discounted?

Refi without extending your loan

Can LC be discounted before shipment?

Letter of credit discounting process initiates when the buyer, on the request of the seller, obtains an LC from a financial institution before the goods are shipped to him. … So in the case of default by the buyer, the bank will clear the dues of the seller. Now the exporter submits the export documents to the bank.

Can bank discount its own LC?

Draft when accepted shall become a negotiable financial instrument that is independent of the LC and can be forfaited or sold on the market. Therefore, any banks including the issuing bank can discount (purchase at a discount) such a draft if they wish to do so.

Can we discount usance LC?

Buyer will give acceptance to LC issuing bank once trade documents are received by them and considered proper. Discounting bank / Confirming bank will discount the LC and credit the account of Exporter after deducting interest and other charges for usance period of the LC.

How are LC discounting charges calculated?

To calculate the discount charge use the following formula (remember to adjust for any minimum base rate): Discount charge = ((FIU x (DM + BR)) / 365) x number of days.

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What does it mean to discount a letter of credit?

Letter of credit discounting occurs when your bank offers to advance you the letter of credit payment before you have completed the steps needed to present the sales and shipping documents. It is called a discount because you do not receive the full payment amount.

What is negotiation Letter credit?

Letter of Credit negotiation is defined within Uniform Customs & Practice for Documentary Credits as the “giving of value”. … Negotiation of documents under a Letter of Credit can either be with or without recourse to the customer.

What is inland LC discounting?

Inland Bill Discounting (under Letter of Credit)

ICICI Bank provide finance by discounting your inland bills drawn under letters of credit, if the documents are found to be strictly in terms with Letter of Credit conditions and on receipt of acceptance from the Letter of Credit issuing bank.

Is Cheque discounting legal?

Cheque discounting is same as cheque purchase. A/c payee cheque cannot be endorsed in favor of anyone else. If there is no branch of the bank’s cheque that you have received, you can take it to some other bank in which your account exists and ask the branch to purchase it.

Who opens the LC?

As per your contract each other, you (buyer) need to open a Letter of credit (LC). In this case, Letter of credit is opened by your bank (or other opening bank) and beneficiary of letter of credit is your overseas seller of machinery.

What is red clause letter of credit?

A red clause letter of credit is an unsecured loan that a buyer extends to the seller, considered an advance. These letters of credit are often used to facilitate international exports and trade. Red clause letters of credit are a way for sellers to boost their working capital.

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What is the difference between negotiation and discounting?

In simple terms, export bill discounting with banks takes place under the shipments where in no Letter of credit is involved. The term export bill negotiation arises when the shipments under Letter of credit basis. … After preparing such shipping documents, exporter submits all documents with his authorized dealer bank.